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To watch performance piece 'Mum Walking' click here:                   To hear 'mumMAM' sound art composition click here:     
Performed by Wanda Zyborska                                                                        Developed with Sound Artist Huw McGregor
You can read Wales Arts Review article by Andrew Smith here:
Wanda Zyborska with bedding by Anthony Morris.jpg
mumMAM score sl..jpg
Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 20.59.22.png
Acheson-Elmassry's iconic exhibition was at  Galeri, Caernarfon, Wales.
This Solo  Exhibition was about the artist's mother and the experience of her Alzheimer's Disease. In addition to several unique sculptural works, including a suspended cast of the artist's mother's car, the show included sonic artworks and an experimental composition 'mumMAM' made in collaboration with Huw McGregor, and a performance by Wanda Zyborska.

Works included the 'Anger Pantry' a participatory percussive artwork with sonic feedback, a video of a floating piano seaweed and a suspended blue soft cast of a Renault Clio like the one the artist's mother loved to drive.

Artworks in the exhibition.

To the right:


Hanging sculpture, latex & pigment over polycarbonate.

Mums Bedding detail by Eli Acheson Elmas

Details from sculptural installation 'Mum's Bedding', latex casts of kitchen sinks, pigment, polycotton sheets, washing line.

'Discord - Collapse of Mum' Video Artwork.

Wanda Zyborska performing in 'Mum Walking'

Still image from video 'Discord - Collapse of Mum'

'Anger Pantry', Sonic Artwork made in collaboration with Huw McGregor. Cupboard, saucepans, wooden spoons, rolling pin, headphones,

Robe detail by Eli Acheson Elmassry.jpg

'Mum Walking' costume, nightdress, organza, satin, latex casts from Renault Clio and saucepans, pigment, slippers and acrylic paint.

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