Home & Garden by the Jellyfish Sea

This solo exhibition took place at Oriel Theatr Clwyd in August 2018. Eli Acheson-Elmassry brought together a selection of her artworks made during the last six years. These included new works made for this show.  The title is a recognition of the themes that have naturally arisen and re-occurred in her recent output, and which reflect not only her location, living near the sea on the island of Anglesey, but also relate to living in the house that was formerly her parents, and her connections with them.

Themes of domesticity were closely focussed on in specific works such as 'Giant Cooker Apron ' and 'Kitchen Table Cuts', whilst themes of the garden occur in the 'Garden-Shaman Cloak' and the 'Bishop's Foxglove'.  The nearby sea, its weeds and watery qualities of flow, shine, undulation and reflection crop up throughout her oeuvre, and also developed into new works such as 'Jellyfish Tablecloth' and 'Blue Puddle'.

The exhibition included works not formely exhibited in Wales such as 'Superhero Ladder', which was made for 'Il Bienale Miradas de las Mujeres', Spain in 2016 and 'The Sinking Sheet of Sinks....' made for 'Real Time, Art from Wales' at CAM Naples in 2015.

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