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My Clairvoyant and Shamanic Journey through Breast Cancer

Swan Power.jpg

Power Swan, Pen and Watercolour.


Chemotherapy Snake Medicine, Pen and Watercolour.

Humming Bird Canula.jpg

Hummingbird Canula, Pen and Gouache.

Artist...Medium.....Shaman.....being spiritually visual

In the public eye I'm mostly known as an artist, having established myself in 5 large Solo Exhibitions across Wales in recent years and extensive participation in individual and group exhibitions in London and across Europe, the Middle East and the US, with work in private collections around the world. Following the debut of my iconic video piece 'The Garden Shaman' in 2020 and the subsequent closedown of public spaces due to the Covid Pandemic, I decided to give more attention to the other aspects of myself, most particularly my powerful psychic nature. After hundreds of hours of exploration and development I was serving audiences on-line and private clients as a recognised Medium.


Clairvoyancy and the other psychic senses are incredible, and it's hard to describe the wonder of remote viewing amongst the many other visonary experiences which are second nature to me, and which have been an element of my artwork all my life, but which only recently became overt, and a subject matter in itself. Though the nature of consiousness has for a long time been a main subject of interest for my artistic exploration and expression.  The full range of spiritual work I do is now immense, and explorations continue all the time. I've decided to become open about this side of myself, which is actually central to my life, and my undertanding of what visual experience is. For centuries and across all cultures, there have been these understandings and gifted practictioners who may have spoken but not necessarily recorded what they see.

Since 2018 I've been becoming a Shaman. And since 2022, I've been receiving teachings from established Shamans trained in the Quechua traditions of Peru, and it's through this period since my diagnosis I've had an amazing range of naturally altered state visions and communications which have assisted my healing and recovery, some of which I've made into painted drawings as I lay in bed following surgeries and chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments. This is not due to taking any kinds of hallucinogenic drugs by the way, I've never been interested in that, and I don't need it.  I've also had visionary experiences as friends have worked on me remotely, during Rahanni, Reiki and Spiritual Healing sessions. My own spiritual practice has brought me special experiences with my spirit guides and angels too along the way. There's a lot more to be said about the details of these experiences, the journeys to the Upper, Middle and Lower worlds, the animal and spirit encounters, and the messaging that comes through.

Now I am getting better and am back in the studio I am working on new 3D work, paintings and perhaps performance for new exhibitions.  If you are interested to experience my spiritual services please check out  Keep a look out on this website for updates on my new artwork and exhibitions.

Rahanni Journey, Pen and watercolour.

Eel Medicine, Pen and Watercolour

Koricocha and the Birds, Pen and Watercolour

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