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Cancer visionary sketchbook

In October 2023 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, click on the link for this page to see what happened to me and my art during this time....Cancer Clairvoyancy

Journey to the Underworld, pen and watercolour.

Self-portrait, February 2024

International exhibition partipation: Italy 2023
Food Arts Festival Galatina - Filosofia Cultura e Arti
Galatina, Puglia, Italy. Curated by Pantaleo Musarò

Galatina poster.jpg

Self-portrait, January 2024.


'Breadipede', latex and pigment.

Spider-pan detail.jpg

'Spider Pan', latex and pigment on canvas.

The Garden Shaman - Wales Arts Review Feature:
Click on link to read.

Still images from 'The Garden-Shaman', video artwork, Imagined, Directed and Performed by Eli Acheson-Elmassry . Film Production by Michelle Wright. * to see clips click here: The Garden Shaman Video Excerpts

For screening enquiries please email

Click on link to view 'The Garden Shaman' at TAPE, Colwyn Bay, UK on 7/2/20. This Preview was recorded as a live stream. (Short intro and film starts at 2.40mins in).
The Garden Shaman Preview event

Wales Arts Review article click here:

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